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Friday, February 10, 2006

The world is out of order

whats happening to our earth !

After the biggest violation of human rights in our modern age in Guantanamo, after the illegal invasion of Iraq, after north Korea decided to go nuclear, after Iran decided to follow, after hamas won the election, after all that came the publication of the cartoons of prophet Muhammad (pbuh) to ignite the world once again.
Although the cartoons were first published last September, the angry response only came out this month !!. and some ignorant people took the advantage of this to serve their sick, stupid ideas. They attacked churches, burned embassies, threatened Christians and vandalised other public properties!.

After the made up proofs of Iraq's WMD produced by Collin Powell and Tony Blair, Channel 4 recently got hold of the memo for the conversation between Bush and Blair prior to going to war. At the meeting Bush suggested to provoke Saddam to shoot down an American aircraft painted with UN colours in order to get the UN involved in the war. Blair, however, offered a full support regardless what UN decides to do.

Iranian newspaper announced a competition to draw cartoons ridiculing the Holocaust. Iran also suggested Israel should be moved to Europe.

In south America, election brought anti American leaders to power. They declared war on Bush and American imperialism. Some called him Hitler, others just decided to ask him to stay out of their businesses.

People talk about dialogues between civilisations all the time, but what we see is the opposite.! We seem to be drifting apart every minute. More people are killed by hatreds and racial attacks everyday. Muslims were sent to jail just because they were Muslims, Americans and British were slaughtered on TV just because they came from that part of the world.

Strangely enough, non of the people, controlling all this, was hurt!. Saddam and Bin Laden are still alive, Bush and Blair are still in power. On the other hand, thousands of soldiers and innocent people were killed in between.

you know what I think,
The world is a crazy game where a handful number of people playing with millions other.


At 2/14/2006 10:08 am, Blogger nzm said...

Good post - totally agree - it's all out of control, and the masses are being fed bullsh*t by a few powerful people at the top.

Actually, it's probably the layer of bureaucrats below the world leaders that have the most power and dictate the events. The leaders are mostly puppets, doing and saying what they are told.

At 2/19/2006 4:50 am, Anonymous Dark_AngeL said...

Good Morning


Ok we as Muslims have the right to be angry and be upset but burning churches and embassies is ALOT .. What is the use ?!?!? Islam is not like this!! Why do people (Muslims) give a bad wrong imperessions to others about ISLAM we are here to show the correct version of it not the version of those who are cut off, Bigoted, and confined!

At 3/05/2006 11:54 am, Blogger H2O said...

I strongly agree with wut u think ,, this world is crazylol however there is out there some good ppl I mean the bad and the evil sides r in every single thing in this univers I guess it's a 7ekma from Allah=)

At 3/12/2006 12:56 pm, Anonymous ~BreathtakinG~ said...

Very intresting update!!
Trully, I have no idea how to catch up with all of these events..
May God bless us all


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