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Sunday, August 14, 2005


We all strive hard to keep alive
Seeking remedies to survive
At 91 I've pass them in to you.
Honey keeps most ills at bay
If taken liberally each day;
And ne'er forget what fruit will do
To keep away the dreaded flu.
One thing all witches do abhor
Is garlic hung outside one's door,
But don’t forget a clove or two
Is also very good for you;
Although I have to make it clear
It might offend those close and dear.
Essentially, I do advise
A little daily exercise.
And never eat and go to bed
Eat several hours ahead instead.
Above all else my life support
Is just a nightly glass of port.
Follow all this to n'th degree
You might then live as long as me!

William L B Walker

a patient wrote this and gave it to me as a recipe to reach 91 :D. he said u can try it, it worked with me ;)

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

PoWerFul WomEn

Forbes recently published their list of the most powerful 100 women for this year. Mrs Rice came first which I think is not fair. Mrs Rice, as a USA secretary of state, has more naturally has more power than most women on earth, if not all of them! And for the first time an Arab Saudian woman’s name appeared in the list. I personally think it’s a great achievement, which all Arab women should be proud of. What makes it even bigger achievement is that it happened in a male dominant society like the Saudian society, where women are openly been discriminated against and where a large number of the population still believe women should stay at home and not work. However, this mentality is shrinking in size as I felt after chatting with a Saudi friend who is fighting to find a job for his wife.