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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Enough women rights!

You can hardly read a local newspaper without finding a couple of articles concerning women employment and women rights! and emirates today wasn't an exception !

I was reading emirates today the other day and there was an article talking about new statistics showing that 90% of young UAE women are willing to get a job after they qualify. The article was suggesting that it’s a new trend among female nationals, which is, in a way, worth celebrating. That was not the first of course, and won't be the last, I'm sure. We always read and hear media trying to praise emarati women if they decide to join work forces or if they've been appointed to head a big establishment. i know in some Middle East and third world countries, this might be a huge change that is worth mentioning where women used to be banned from working and still are in some societies. However, I personally think this does not apply to UAE. I feel the media, by giving all this attention to this matter, is indirectly sending false messages to people from outside the country suggesting that women were deprived from this opportunity in the past. It also gives the impression that such a change was only brought by a western influence during the 21st century. While, in reality, as far as our ancestors could remember, women have always been working in different jobs and businesses, women had careers and owned businesses and farms in the old Emiraty society. They have always been playing a vital financial role in addition to the other roles played by females in any society. They weren't only working as tailors, bakers teachers from their homes, but also working in farms, shops and even as traditional doctors. In the past, some women owned big businesses, others owned fishing ships and some of them were richer than most men at that time. In addition to their rights to work, women in UAE also had the right to learn. They had female "mutawaa" or a teacher who used to teach them how to read Quran, just like men .
in my opinion, the difference came about mainly after the discovery of oil. Men started joining petroleum companies where jobs where too difficult for women to take. It also involved traveling far from cities and villages to stay months if not years away from their families. so the difference in career choice taken by men and women was mainly due to differences in physical abilities.
however, these days in order for you to be modern, to fulfill the 21st century criteria and to become a certified 21st century society you have to give women any rights they think of, or at least pretend to do so!.
Ciao Ladies and Gentlemen ! ( how come we r always mentioned second ! aren't we equal ! lol )


At 4/15/2007 1:57 pm, Anonymous Mimi said...

i totally agree with what ure saying...and unfortunately i feel that women r given more rights now... lol
Men need to fight for their rights now lol...
allah i3eenkom hehe..
nice article :)

At 4/18/2007 6:17 pm, Anonymous DxBroSe said...

Haha talk about jealousy ;) lool Awww do u think we are stealing all the 'thunder' and 'attention' from you guyz?! Dats sooo sweet! LOL just kidding. Yes I agree women working in UAE is no longer an issue to be blabbing out because they've been working ever since the UAE was established. But its nice to see that women got that far! But I dont think the medias point is to say hey look UAE women can work too, I think there point is that UAE women are working and are becoming successful with thier career and they are going far. 5 years ago, we had women working in the UAE but we didnt have a single minister that was a women and when we did there were some controversies. Today we have 2, and inshalah with the coming years we will have more! So don't you think assigning 2 women from UAE that position is worth praising? Well, I do to be honest and as an 'Emaratyeh' I am so proud of them and wish to follow thier steps. And lets get real many people in the UAE are STILL against UAE women being assigned positions like that. So what equality are we talking about?!

At 4/19/2007 8:25 pm, Blogger UaE MaX said...

mimi thanks
dxbrose lol hadi al3b shwy , thanks for ur comment, its not jealousy, i have nothing against women working !and nothing against women becoming ministers. BUT, if they were good enough to get the job ! y3ni its not fair to appoint a women just to show that our companyis pro female so we r giving this position to a female !

the last survey done in AD showed that most unemployed ppl in AD r men !

At 5/06/2007 8:57 pm, Blogger (ugly~beauty) said...

mmmm...interesting topic and no one put a comment except girlz ==> go go girlz ;p
so why the media is concerning more abt women's accomplishment?? its how the media work. if I said there is a new manager for our company I won't gain any attention ( normal, nothing new)bt if I said we have a new female manager I will end up with rumors and gossips and for sure more attention from women ( jealousy or wanna be the same) and also from men. I think,as well, there are more female readers than males and yah I don't mean books. so its just a business game more than political one :).
abt equality, I really don't believe on that " blah blah", for me, men and women are different since the day allah created them ( physical abilities, thinking and everything else".
women can't work in military and heavy jobs bcoz with time they loss their soft nature... and I think I will stop here. thnx for this topic, luv ur page and have a nice day.
"btw am a girl ;p"

At 5/26/2007 1:35 pm, Blogger Amal said...

Nice topic,
1- As a young woman, I don't agree with this whole women-men equality. It's just nonsense and total waste of time and effort which might be spent helping women being abused all over the world or even helping underprivileged kids.
2- Why don't we celebrate these achievements? This the least we can do, and prove them wrong, they think that Arab(muslim) women in general are tortured, have no right to work or study and not even to have an opinion.
3-why do we have to care what those foreigners think of us. In their eyes we will always be 3rd world terrorists, went too far didn't I?

At 7/01/2007 8:33 pm, Blogger Wild Adapter said...

LOL, this might seem absurd to come from a local woman, but ATLAST! SOMEBODY SPEAKIN UP ABOUT THIS! because it IS getting annoying! i mean, bas nage9 they publish, local women defying the odds! they are driving Hummers and Ranges and competing with local men! this whole "competition" is ridicolous! its just like praising not-well-abled and not-so-smart students when they get their grammar or spelling right. i mean, we obviously can do and will do what we do because this is the UAE not Saudi! and i so agree on the whole image it gives to the west! progression? my arse! again, this is UAE not saudi!

At 8/17/2007 1:26 pm, Blogger secretdubai said...

That's a really interesting post. I know from what people have told me that women worked even in the time of Mohammed, his first wife was a businesswoman.

I do know that some young women are prevented from taking jobs here by their families for cultural reasons. The families may not like the idea of mixed workplaces, or just of women being "outside the home". That is very sad for those young women, many of whom are university graduates, who can't work.

But equal rights are important, if only to protect each gender. It doesn't mean that everyone has to be the same, just that they should have the same opportunities available to them if they want them.


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