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Monday, December 12, 2005

Looking back,

Sometimes you sit alone in a very quite place, not looking at your watch, not waiting for anything, just you, yourself and the air you breath . This is what is happening to me right now. my holiday has just started but unlike every year I'm still here in UK. I don't even know if I'm going at all. I was thinking about things that happened in my life, things I did, things that were done to me, I was thinking about them with a sorrow!. Why did I do that ? why didn't I !why did I let that happen? , I should have said that and so on, it was like a flash back of my life. I did bad things, I said horrible things to people, I lied to make others laugh I didn’t try to stop my friends from committing sins, I didn’t advice them to pray.
I thought it was the time to start thinking about my life, where am I heading? Is this is the best way to take? Because at the moment I think I'm not on that way!
I sometimes feel I'm lost, not knowing my aim or , funny enough, having too many aims!. I sometimes start thinking about my 10th step before starting to walk!. I preoccupy myself with future plans and forget my present work.
Its good to plan your future and work according to your plan, but you should not take your eyes off your current step. Imagine yourself climbing up a ladder, you had your aim, which is reaching the top, then you start climbing step by step with your eyes straight at your feet, you will reach in no time with no difficulties at all, on the other hand, if you had your aim and while climbing you were looking at the top, rather than your feet, you will fall off before you know !
Life is a school, as we all know, nothing wrong with making mistakes, you are a genius if you make mistakes and learn from them and you will have the advantage over people who didn’t make that mistake, because no matter what people try to teach you, experiment makes learning perfect !