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Friday, December 08, 2006


At the beginning, I'm really sorry for the long delay since my last post. I was swallowed in by work especially the last 5 months, but I enjoyed every second of it !

It has been 8 months since I moved back to UAE from UK. And here is a list of things I miss :
1. friends
2. London
3. British TV
4. country side's driving
5. weekend hang outs

and 5 things I enjoy in UAE :
1. my family
2. Waking up in the morning in your house, where the breakfast is ready, your car is cleaned and your shoes are shinning !
3. the nice feeling of serving your country and your people
4. Dubai
5. old friends

One of the things I hate the most in UAE is the TV !. We have so many channels on so many different satalites and cables but you can hardly find anything to watch!
The majority are either music channels, with half of the screen covered by SMS messages, or political and sectarian channels!
I 've also started noticing that we have what I call personal channels, a channel for mainly one person advertising him/herself and their services.
What irritates me watching music channels is the sms messages I see!. I still don’t understand why would a person send a msg for at least 5 Dirham just to say Hi or I'm leaving or goodnight ! to people don’t even know him/her !
In general I think, Dubai and mbc channels are the best available channels.

Traffic has been the main subject for Dubai TV for the past month or so. I personally see one main reason for the traffic jams " everywhere, everyday in Dubai", its how cheap its to own a car in UAE ! anyone can own a car even if his/her salary was no more than aed 3000.

Yesterday was my birthday btw :D, have a good weekend all.