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Monday, July 16, 2007

Sunday the 15th !

Bad luck can happen any day, any date anywhere !
My day started with me having to cancel AD
My mom telling me that my uncle's family had a car accident
Then again receiving a phone call telling me to be in AD before 8 pm !
My printer was out of ink, so couldn't get the papers ready !
Leaving late!
Arriving AD late ! which was too late !
My 1st cousin not answering
2nd cousin taking his friend to the airport
So I decided to have a hair cut and ended up having a messed up hair and beard !
Walking out of the barber, a stupid driver drove on my toes! (thanks god it was a light car)
Calling a friend who is always in AD except that day! He was out of town!
So I went to Chilies to have dinner alone !
My burger was over grilled! and so was the bacon !
It took the valet parking 20 mins to get my car !
I didn’t have change and they didn’t have too ! which took them another 10 mins !

By then it was 12:30 and, thankfully, that marked the end of that "not so lucky" day !