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Friday, October 26, 2007


Just pretend to laugh when,

.. you hear people saying thanks god i dont smoke ! but i only do sheshah !
.. its absolutely fine to hire a prostitute but "astghfer Alaah" you drink !
.. females say god forbids local males see our faces, but its ok for indians to see ! they are indians not locals !
.. you see guys wearing stylish funky jeans with even funkier hair styles but their sisters can't wear pants underneath Abaiah because its "Manqood" !
.. you see a religious looking man care so much about having long beard and short kandorah and meswach, but last think he would think of is smiling !
.. you see a religious looking female covered from head to toe but still shouts at everyone she comes across !
.. you see Munaqbat dancing in a musical concert !
.. fast junk food is more expensive than healthy food ! but people still go for it
.. you hear guys saying to their girlfriends I cant see you now, I'm fasting, I will call you after iftar !
.. you find girl friends waking up their boyfriends for fajer prayers !
.. guys pay AED 3000 for useless flirting calls but still fight the grocery keeper over AED 5
.. people feel sorry for labors working at 2 PM on the street and criticize construction companies for being so inhuman and cruel !, but dont mind them working outdoor at their homes, at the same time of the day !

its a hypocrite world
1 more .. you say I dont have time, but you are still reading this !
good day everyone ;)