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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Random summer thoughts

Halaw you its me... !
It has been a while since I last updated my blog, not much has changed though :D
Its amazing how people's views on what's right and what's wrong differ enormously. Everyone tends to have a strong believe on what's wrong and what's right, in terms of religion, work or even some social aspects. That's normal and acceptable. What is not normal and I find it disturbing, is the intolerance of some people toward others with different views, ideas or behaviours! Not cool !

Some thoughts.....
It helps to have miserable people around, they make you appreciate the heaven you are in ! (Thank you miserable friends) !
Having everything you want is not always a blessing, might makes u depressed over the silliest thing ! (Like not being invited to a tiny tiny tiny party )!
Superficial people die alone, no real friends and family hates them ! (Fact)!
Sometimes its easier to adapt with what's already there rather than trying to change some stone- age mentalities !(I know its 2009 but they are still around ) !
Some people work non-stop without anyone noticing while others can't stop complaining and whining !(Maybe they should at least do some work) !
Knowledge is power but saying all you know is not necessary !(Who cares how much crappy stuff you know ) !
Best red velvet cupcake is made in AbuDhabi ! ( addictive) !

Take home message : summer is hot

Until I c u again buddies take a good care of you hair, before its too late ! ;)