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Saturday, July 30, 2005

OuT OF OrDeR !!!

Im back in London after a very short visit home. Although it was only for 2 days I enjoyed it so much, its always nice to go home :)

The weather in AD was like hell ! humid and hot all day long , thanks god for the blessing of AC otherwise no one would be able to stay there at this time of the year.
In London its the opposite! Its raining heavily and cold! My friend was saying is this really July!
for me it feels cool and pleasant although, rain sometimes ruin your plans and make you stay home and watch TV (still doesn't make u study) lol

BAD NEWS: my camera (the new one) ! is not working. I don'tt know what happened I'm frustrated and angry its just 3 months old! and what makes it even worse, I gave away my old camera , so now I'm cameraless !

Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Marriage is a true turning point in someone's life. in our culture, it's the day where the girl leaves her father's house to a completely new house and people. While for the guy, Its the day where his family receives a new family member. Back home, as usual, we spend a lot of money on this night, more than what an average person in UK would spend in years!. Its true that because its one very special night, spending so much money might make it extra special and rememberable, at least for the groom ( maybe rememberable but not in a good way lol ). Its also part of our Arabian tradition and generosity to do the best you can for your guests. On the other hand, one might say you can be generous and kind to your guests without having to spend that much. For example, do we really have to throw away that much food just to show people how generous we are! Or is it part of our tradition and culture to pay so much for makeup, wedding dress and photographers?! In my opinion, we should be reasonable, we should spend and make it look perfect, but we shouldn't over spend on silly non-necessary things or food which gets wasted!.

However, its not mine yet, so lets wish them all the good luck and a very happy life full with joy and fun.

Monday, July 11, 2005

LoNdon UnDeR AtTack !!

Wars , terrorism, bombing, anthrax...etc all means of killing! Leaders disagree, politicians negotiate governors talk! But, sadly, only innocent very ordinary people die!.
After New York and Madrid, Terrorists, whoever they are, decided to hit London on Thursday to reach achieve their "noble" goal of course, the goal of terrorising innocent people !.
Some organisations, who claimed responsibilities of these bombings, claim that they are doing this for the sake of Islam! What Islam is this?! This has nothing to do with Islam, in fact this is what Islam came to change in the Arabian peninsula , it stopped burying young girls alive ! It stopped the killing of old people and women who are not capable of fighting, even at war! Islam taught Muslims how to respect people with different faiths and beliefs.
Its disgusting how these people dare to use Islam to achieve their own political aims and to express the sickness of their minds in this way.